EVBox Charge Points

  • Water resistant and shockproof charging stations with socket outlet or attached cable.
  • Power range : 3.7 to 22 kW
  • Wall /Pole Mounted
  • Access control by fob or card
  • Smart, future proof, intelligent
  • Outdoor or indoor installation
  • New: 36 months warranty

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Rolec ChargePoints


  • Power range : 3.7 to 22 kW
  • Believed to be the lowest priced full Mode 3 fast charging unit in the UK
  • Eligible for OLEV Grant Funding under the Domestic Home Charge Scheme
  • Includes overload and fault current protection (RCBO)
  • This modern, attractive unit is available in a variety of colours
  • Has been certificated by the BSI as safe to use in the domestic environment
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • Incredibly hard-wearing
  • CE Certified

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Schneider EVLink WallBox


  • Water resistant and shockproof charging stations with socket outlet or attached cable.
  • Power range : 3.7 to 22 kW
  • Wall Mounted
  • Access control by key
  • Outdoor or indoor installation
  • New: 24 months warranty

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EO Charging


  • Installation from £490
  • 4 power options – 3.7kW / 7kW /11kW / 22kW
  • 3 plug types – Type 1 Tethered / Type 2 Tethered / Universal Socket
  • 3 year product warranty

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Why install a charge point at home?
• To recharge your vehicle at home, typically overnight.
• An existing mains socket will only charge your vehicle at the slowest speed possible. A dedicated charge point will increase the speed, safety and security of your charging facility.
• A dedicated charge point can be installed in the most convenient location possible for your vehicle.
• A government grant may be available for your domestic charge point.

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Public & Private Car Parks

Why install charge points in your car park?
• To accommodate the rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles.
• To help ensure your car park is preferred over others by electric vehicle drivers.
• To create a more environmentally friendly destination and to help meet local authority CO2 targets.
• To encourage the use of electric vehicles in the local area.
• To help advertise your car park, by choosing for it to appear on online maps and apps that publicise charging locations.


Why are businesses switching their fleets to electric vehicles?
• Significant reduction in fuel costs.
• Enhanced capital allowance.
• Lower B.I.K. tax for employees.
• Support your CSR objectives.
• No London congestion charge.
• Lower excise duty.
Why install a charge point at your workplace?
• To accommodate visitors who own an electric vehicle.
• To make owning an electric vehicle viable for employees.
• To provide charging for your fleet vehicles.
• To boost your environmental credentials.

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SolarLDN is a family run business providing installation of electic car charging points around the London area. We offer a range of brands including Rolec, EO, NewMotion and EVbox, and can save you up to £500 with the OLEV grant.