How Solar Thermal Works

The principle of a solar thermal system is similar to that of a heat pump system as it involves heating cooler water via solar energy.

A Solar Thermal installation works by the panels – called collectors – absorbing solar energy from the sun.

There are two types of collectors:

  • Flat plate collectors
  • Evacuated tube collectors

To find out more about each option and which would be best in your property contact us for a survey.

Cool water from the water tank passes through the panels where it is heated by the energy and transferred to the water cylinder as hot water.  Here the process can start again as a continuous loop.


As the systems works best at low temperature over a consistent period, your boiler or immersion heater can top it up to reach higher temperatures.

Like solar PV, solar thermal installations work throughout the year as it uses light energy rather than heat energy. That said, the system will work best on bright sunny days and during the winter you may find your boiler needs to compensate a little extra.

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