Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Thermal

Is solar thermal suitable for my property?

For solar thermal to work at its best, it should ideally be installed in a south facing position, with access to direct sunlight. It will also need to be installed with an elevation – this does not mean your roof must be angled but on a flat roof an elevation will need to be built.  Call us on *number* and SolarLDN will come out to your property to do a survey.  If SolarLDN’S survey recommends your property we will give you a quote for the installation.

Will it work in the winter?

As solar thermal uses light energy rather than heat energy, your system will perform all year round. However, during winter months less direct sunlight may get through so your boiler or immersion may need to compensate a little bit more than during the summer.
A great benefit of solar panels is they work in all conditions, even in snow!

How much will I save by installing solar thermal?

The savings are different in each property but on average you could provide 30 – 50 % of your annual hot water requirements.

How much will it cost me to install solar thermal?

Each installation will be different based on your property and your household needs.Four typical set-up you might expect to pay around £ 4000. Thanks to the incentive scheme , the work installation should pay for itself in about 8 years , and will then continue to generate you regular payments and savings.One very attractive benefit to installing a solar thermal system is the rate of return which,at around 8% easily outstrips any savings account. We will be able to give you a more accurate quote after a survey has been carried out. For a survey and quotation or to ask us any questions about solar thermal or any other form of renewable energy,

please ring us on 020 8384 4059 for more a friendly chat.

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