How Solar PV Works

Solar power works by converting light energy into electrons. Solar PV cells use mono-crystalline -polycrystalline – thin film or amorphous material to convert this light energy. They work by absorbing the light energy from the sun and transferring it to the DC current this passes to an inverter that changes the electric current from DC to AC, after which it is fed into your home`s ordinary mains supply.

Surplus energy that is not used is passed automatically to the National Grid.

Lots of people worry that solar panels will only work on clear, sunny days but solar PV’s work on solar/sun energy rather than heat so this is nothing to worry about. The amount produced will vary in the seasons however as long as there is light penetrating the clouds the system will generate electricity.

Maintenance of PV system It`s minimal and you will have the pleasure of monitoring your savings mount on the system`s built-in meter!!!

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