Frequently Asked Questions about Solar PV

Do you need a lot of light to make solar panels work?

It is a common misconception that solar panels will only work in sunny places. In fact, solar PV panels use daylight (light) rather than sunlight (heat) so you don’t need lots of hot sun to make electricity. Photons from daylight travel through the clouds to the panels to get turned into electricity.  Obviously more photons will get to the panels on clear sunny days making your energy production seasonal though you should be able to produce sufficient amounts all year round.

Will I produce enough for my house?

This depends on two things: the needs of your household and the system you choose to install. The average house will use 3300kWh per year. The average 4kwp  PV system will produce 90% of this energy. The good thing about solar PV is that you can top up your energy as much as you need from the National Grid.

What if I produce too much energy?

Solar PV’s converts daylight into a direct current into your home. You might find, especially in the summer, that you are producing too much energy. The great thing about solar PV is that we can install Of grid battery back up system or grid coupled system to maximise usage from PV in the house and further reduce CO2 footprint and your bill.

How are Solar PV’s installed?

The installation of Solar PV’s is quite simple and non intrusive but it will require scaffolding. To install system firstly anchors are put in and the framework is built onto which the panels themselves will be fitted. Then the wiring for the direct current is set up from the installation site to the house. Finally the panels are fitted in place.

How do I know if my house is suitable?

Call us on 0845 4755 519 and SolarLDN will come out to your property to do a survey. The only prerequisites for solar panels is that the installation space is not blocked from daylight and is South,East or West-facing.  As solar PV’s can be installed on any roof, wall or ground horizontally or vertically you are likely to be suitable for solar PV installation. If SolarLDN’s survey recommends your property we will give you a quote for the installation.

How much will Solar PV cost me?

Each installation will be different based on your property and your household needs. We will be able to give you a more accurate quote after a survey has been carried out. For a survey and quotation or to ask us any questions about Solar PV’s, please ring us on 0845 4755 519 for more a friendly chat.

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