Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Pumps

Do heat pumps need a lot of heat to work?

No, heat pumps do not need excessive amounts of heat to work. Because ground heat pumps use the heat from deep in the ground, and air pumps use heat from the air all around us, the heat is consistent all year round.  For this reason heat pumps are more effective with low temperature emitters like underfloor heating and will provide heat throughout the winter.

Will heat pumps produce all the energy my home needs?

Heat pumps will reduce the amount of energy you need but it will not replace your electricity altogether. Heat pumps need electricity to run off, however they produce heat so will replace your need for conventional heating.

Heat pumps are not recommended for gas heated homes.

If you are looking to replace your source of energy completely, why not check out our Solar PV’s.

How much will I save by installing heat pumps?

The savings are different in each property but on average you could save up to £500. For more information visit

Can I have both ground and heat pumps fitted?

As the two systems use the same principles and meet the same need, there would be no need to have both systems installed.  Installing both systems will not remove your need for electricity completely. To find out which system would suit you best, contact SolarLDN.

How do I know if my house is suitable?

Call us on *number* and SolarLDN will come out to your property to do a survey.  For ground heat pumps you will need ground space available on your property in which we can dig. For air heat pumps you will need a wall with mountable space.  If SolarLDN’S survey recommends your property we will give you a quote for the installation.

How much will it cost me to install heat pumps?

Each installation will be different based on your property and your household needs. We will be able to give you a more accurate quote after a survey has been carried out. For a survey and quotation or to ask us any questions about heat pumps or any other form of renewable energy, please ring us on *number* for more a friendly chat.

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